Virtual Handshake

Record a short video about yourself to greet other people and boost networking during the conference. Each attendee can record an optional video like this and then present themselves to others just like they would at the offline conference.

Networking Sessions

The application allows us to create multiple rooms of different types to conduct advanced networking and socializing. We’re planning to open discussion panels, fireside chats and open Q&As during the networking session breaks.

Play Video
Play Video

Cocktail Hours

Cocktail Hour is a unique feature that allows us to meet new people in a very easy and innovative way. It will match you to other participants in the way similar to speed dating, making networking even easier than on the physical event.

Ease of Use

Multiple platform support and modern, simple interface allows us, the conference attendees, to have a MEANINGFUL conversations without physical limits. Through commenting, questioning, and messaging your speakers and fellow attendees, you can have an even better experience than offline events.

Supported platforms


Support for all modern web browsers.


Support for all iOS devices with iOS 12.0 and higher.


Support for devices with Android 5.0+.

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