Aaron Hardy (Adobe)

Senior Computer Scientist, Developer Advocate at Adobe

Aaron Hardy is a Senior Computer Scientist and Developer Advocate at Adobe. He works on JavaScript that runs billions of times each day on the world’s largest websites handling identification, analytics, personalization, and more. He has a passion for open source and platforms and is an advocate in the development community. He loves technology, family, and cycling and is an avid student of documentaries, podcasts, and YouTube.

02:05 PM - 02:45 PM

May 8th, 2020 Conference Day

An HTTP Caching Strategy for Static Assets

The lack of a solid caching strategy can lead to severely broken experiences. Caching is a balancing act and one that can be tricky to get right. We want users to leverage locally cached files for performance, but we also need to deliver updated content as soon as possible. What does a well-designed caching strategy look like? How do you go about modifying cache behavior? How do you use bundling tools to build assets in such a way that browsers pick up the changes at the right time? How do you configure web server to deliver proper HTTP cache headers? Let's discuss the details of a concrete strategy.