Sonya Moisset (Photobox)

Lead Security Engineer at Photobox, Tech Lead/Security Manager at Pride in London


05:25 PM - 06:10 PM

May 8th, 2020 Conference Day

Closing Keynote: The Code Of Chaos - No One is Immune

Modern web development has many challenges and security is both very important and often under-emphasised. Many of today’s security professionals are beginning to recognise that unprotected web applications have become attractive targets for cybercriminals looking for easy entry points into their networks. Supply chain attacks are rampant. Even though most organisations are well aware of the risks—given the ongoing headlines, few of them are doing much about it.

It’s time to get serious about Web App Security! Some Key Takeaways:

– Understand the inherent risks of software supply chain management and awareness of cyber attacks - Inside Magecart Payment Card Skimmer case (Forbes, British Airways, TicketMaster), profiling the Groups behind the front page credit card breaches

– How organisations can establish controls to prevent security incidents - quick wins to implement for the developers with tooling (Snyk, Dependabot) and new security features (CSP/SRI)