Tommy Groshong Jr (Test Double LLC)

Consultant at Test Double LLC

Tommy has been a full-time developer, manager, or software consultant since 2012. During that time, he has worked directly with many startups at various stages from seed investment through successful IPO. In 2015, he graduated from Brigham Young University with a Masters in Information Systems Management. Day-to-day, he works as a consultant for Test Double, LLC on his Linux desktop or laptop from his home office building applications and mentoring developers.

03:45 PM - 04:05 PM

May 8th, 2020 Conference Day

Layered Architecture in React

The one certainty for all our systems is that they will change. Software design and architecture are long-term investments into the maintainability and changeability of your system. Many software architectures have been developed over the lifetime of our industry but a common thread amongst many of them is separation of concerns through dividing software into layers. This talk explores the concept of layered architecture that can be applied to React applications to achieve these long-term benefits.